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A desire to do things right

We started as a grand idea - how about creating clean, local, and responsibly sourced CBD products?


Many of the CBD products available on shelves in the Central Virginian area have very little transparency as to where it was made, who manufactured it, or what is in the product.  At Happy Trees, we're trying to fix that.

Our CBD products are all locally sourced and processed. Our Hemp comes from local farmers in Powhatan, and our products are processed in our CBD Lab in Richmond. Read our FAQs for any questions you may have about CBD or Happy Trees products.



Happy Trees Farm was started in 2020 by a couple of guys who had a desire to grow hemp and create locally sourced and ethically responsible CBD products. The idea was to control the growing and manufacturing processes in order to ensure the highest quality CBD and transparency of production. 

All of our hemp plants are grown in Powhatan by local horticulturalists and farmers that use sustainable agricultural practices.  After harvest, our hemp is then processed in our CBD Lab in Richmond, Virginia - where it then makes it way to our shelves and market stands across Central Virginia.

Happy Trees CBD products are made with the intention to give you ease of mind when shopping for CBD products. Let us answer any questions you have about CBD, its uses, or its production so you can be confident about your choice to use CBD. 



Gardening is a community thing.  When we raise our plants, and process our CBD we have you in mind.  You can rest assured our CBD products are ethically sourced and responsibly processed to ensure the highest quality CBD and the safest experience for you. 

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